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Helen Goncharsky, UR5WA. Ex UB5WCW, RB5WA

Winner of the DXCC Challenge Award

Grace McCormick, 2I0GYL.

I am only 12 years old, I passed the uk intermediate radio exam at 11 years old (youngest ever in N.Ireland) with my pass mark of 34, I had previously passed the foundation exam at 10 years old with my pass mark of 21, old callsign MI6YLG. At present I am learning CW, i will be having a «go» at the UK advanced exam shortly to.
I am really enjoying ham radio, everyone as been so nice to me, I am member of Lagan Valley Amateur Radio Society (went too Rathlin Island 2015 for lighthouses on the air also came second in QRP VHF RSGB contest with them).
Mid Ulster Amateur Radio Club (operated GI15YOTA) and also a member of the British Young Lady Amateur Radio Association. I regularly go to Grey Point Fort Amateur Radio Society at Grey Point Fort a double gun inplacement set up to protect Belfast Lough and used during both World Wars. My big sister is Summer MI0YLT.

Antonia Caputo, IZ7DKA.

Myself Sakshi R. Vagadia from Rajkot — Gujarat. I am very happy to get Amateur Radio License with Callsign VU3EXP valid till 2080. Get very similar call to my dear father & Ham VU2EXP OM Rajeshbhai.
I am Ham with no driving license nor do I own my personal cellphone, as I am student of just standard 9th, in St. Pauls School Rajkot ! Fortunately am very lucky to have full fledged hf-vhf-uhf radio equipments of my father 🙂
Since childhood I had seen Ham culture in my family as three more hams are in my family; VU2EXP my father, VU3PLJ my uncle & VU3GLY my cousin. From all of them I was encouraged to be ham.
I am very thankful to GIAR (Gujarat Institute of Amateur Radio) Gandhinagar who trained us & conducted Ham Examination on 25-2-2013. After few weeks I received my successful ham result on 2-4-2013 when I was in std 7th. Bit late but finally Ticket (license) was issued me on 24-4-2015 by Govt. of India, (WPC Wing). I thanks VU2JGI Sir, VU2CPV Sir, VU2WMY Sir, family friends VU2JF, VU2SPF, VU3DJU & other seniors to support & guide us all the times.
I did get wonderful opportunity to live Talk with female astronaut Sunita Williams when she was aboard ISS through ham radio telebridge program at Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad in 2012. Again was memorable experience to Meet & listen Sunita Williams personally in 2013 at GSC- Ahmedabad.
I am very much interested in Astronomy, Space Science too & joined in many awareness programs conducted by my father at various schools.
Apart from these activities, I do learn Indian Classical KATHAK (6th year running) & finishing Brihad Kathak Visharad next year.
Hope I could utilize my ham License by learning subject of my interest from all the Ham dignities & experts.
Eager to have your further guidance. See you on Air. Thanks & 73!
Sakshi R. Vagadia, VU3EXP [TNX info]

Jenni Jones, M0HZT
«I have been a licenced amateur since 2001, and have really enjoyed using the bands, HF and VHF. Previous to my amateur career, I listened to broadcast bands. I have just started to teach others, in our hobby, which i find very enjoyable. I am a chef by trade, and it is also my hobby, when I am not cooking up some delectable dish, I am on the radio, really enjoy talking to all of you. I am married to M0HWA — Merfyn.
I like contesting and also to have a rag chew I also use eQSL, and do QSL 100% either via the bureau or direct, or via eQSL…
I am a member of BYLARA (British young ladies amateur radio association), and we do accept yl’s from ALL countries I am now the QSL.
Hope to speak to you on the HF bands, and also VHF and to work you in the contest hi hi…
73’s and 33 ‘s to one and all. M0HZT — Jenni» [TNX info]

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