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Dear friends, thanks for looking me up. Hopefully we just had an enjoyable QSO(s)!


About UT7UT, briefly:

  • Name: Boris Samartsev
  • Callsigns: UT7UT and UWØU, on the air since 1985 at the age of 12, first licensed in 1991
  • Preferences: DX-peditions, DX-ing and contesting. I also like CW pile-ups and SO2R operating in contests

  • Special callsign licenses holder: EM44U, EOØU and responsible for the UT1UWA club station
  • Member of teams: EM5F in DX-peditions and IOTA contests, EM5HQ in IARU HF contests
  • Winner and best trophy: High-speed radiotelegraphy (HST) championships of Ukraine and many HF/VHF radio contests; «Planet Earth Expedition–2011» Trophy for WFF activities (EM44U)
  • Greatest DX-peditions: EM5F, IOTA EU-191, Fericirii Island (YO) aka Nova Zemlya Island (UR). Status: split sovereignty island, belongs to Romania and Ukraine; UU7J/P, IOTA EU-180, Kosa Tuzla Island. Owned by Ukraine, but occupied by «little green men»; C93DY, IOTA AF-098, Chiloane Island. Was previously uninhabited, IOTA new one
  • Greatest historical activities: ENØU, HQ station of Dynamo Kyiv FC (co-organizer with Sergey Rebrov, UT5UDX); U5ARTEK/A, ex UB5ARTEK, ex U5A, non-standard callsign in the former USSR (organizer); EM90KPI, ex R1KPI … UK5UDX, now UT7UZA, 1-st club station of Ukraine and former USSR (co-organizer with Nikolay Sergienko, UX0UN)
  • Greatest projects: foundation of the Ukrainian Flora Fauna (URFF) program, since 2009; co-foundation of the Would Flora Fauna (WFF) program, until 2014; EFC-2012 On The Air (EURO-2012) UR-SP project, responsible from Ukraine
  • Ex: Vice-president of Would Flora Fauna Foundation (WFF Fund), Vice-president of Black Sea Contest Club (BSCC), President of Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (UARL)
  • Now… Now: I enjoy working on the air and gaining experience in FT8, EME and QO-100

Home Call Signs (licenses holder):

  • UT7UT — Primary
  • UWØU — Contests

Special Call Signs (licenses holder):

  • EOØU — Independence Days of Ukraine
  • ENØU (ex) — Dynamo Kyiv FC, 2014-2019
  • EM44U — WWFF activities
  • EM2ØUARL (ex) — UARL-20, Dec. 2011
  • EM2ØRRC (ex) — RRC-20, July 2013
  • EM11ØRAEM (ex) — RAEM-110, Dec. 2013
  • Outside of Ukraine — 3DAØUT (ex), C91UT (ex)

Club Call Signs:

  • UT1UWA — Club Station (chief)
  • U5ARTEK/A (ex)— Memorial Activity, Apr. 2011 (trustee)
  • UW33OF/P (ex), UW37OF/P (ex) — URSC, June 2014


  • Kyiv-City, Ukraine
  • QTH-loc.: KO50GL, ITU zone: 29, CQ zone: 16, URDA: KV-10

  • I’m grateful to my friends who share my passion to radio, for the pleasant atmosphere in communication, joint DX-peditions and contests
  • Special thanks to my wife Anna, UT4UTA for love and patience!


Thanks for QSO(s). See You again! 73’s de Boris, UT7UT aka UWØU

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