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World Wide Flora and Fauna (WWFF) and Ukrainian Flora Fauna (URFF) award programs

I have always loved nature, traveling and being active on the air. When the Flora and Fauna program appeared, I began to visit protected areas with amateur radio equipment. Now I’m a big fan of WWFF as an activator.


WWFF activator

I was active from URFF references next callsigns: UT7UT/P, EM44U, EM44U/P, EM44U/MM, EM5F (also EU-182, EU-191), EM5U/P, EM5WFF, EM20U (Chernobyl exclusion zone), EN0U/P, EO5UFF, EO0U/P, EO0UD, UR4VWA/P, UT1UWA/P, UT4UWE/P, UW0U/P, UW33OF/P, UW37OF/P.


With me on DX-peditions were colleagues:

Igor UR4UHE (SK), Olga US5UFF, Andre UT2UB, Serge UR2VA, Aleksandr UR5FAV (SK), Nikolay UX0FF, Andrey UR5FLF, Vladislav UT3GF, Alexander US1ITU, Sergei UR7VA, Viktor US5WCP, Anatoly UX1RX, Sergey UT5EMU, Vladimir UR3EP, Sergei UX2IF, Olga UT4UUU, Igor US0VA, Oleg UT2VU, Sergey UT0VA, Vladimir UR5VDA, Nickolay UT3RN, Valentina UR5RQX, George UY5XE, Serhii UT3UFD,  Vlad US7IGN, Andy UT4UEP, Alexey UT4UJQ, Inna UT4UPE, Vitalii UT4UAZ, Mykola UT4UIA, Pavlo UT4UGB and many others.


The last photo of the WWFF DX-pedition

Serhii UT3UFD/P, Boris UT7UT/P and EM44U, Vlad US7IGN/P


Video about our last WWFF DX-pedition

Dniprovsko-Desnianske Mizhrichia National Park, URFF-0084


Some trophies for WWFF activities

My certificate for the first place in the Green Party.

«Planet Earth Expedition – 2011» Trophy.


Thanks everyone who called our Green DX-peditions! 73! 44!

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