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Collective members: EM5WFF-team, EO5UFF-team, EO0U-team, UT1UWA-team.

Operators: Boris UT7UT (Team Leader), Anna UT4UTA (YL), Igor UR4UHE, Olga US5UFF (YL), Igor UT5LU, Andre UT2UB, Serge UR2VA, Sergei UR7VA, Vladislav UT3GF, Sergey UX2IF, Nadia UT4UUU (YL), Serge US4LGW, Alexander US1ITU, Viktor US5WCP, Ruslan UT9UT, Anatoly UX1RX, Sergey UT5EMU, Inna UX7FB (YL), Vladimir UR3EP, Andrew UT4UUM.

EM44U Green DayWWFF

Guest operators: Igor US0VA, Michael UT3IZ, Anatoly UR5IRS, Yuri UR5ITU, Natalia US4IKO (YL), Vladimir US5IJA, Vladimir US6IVN, Vladimir US7IA, Yuri UT1IC, Vladimir UR3IQT, Eugene UT0IH, Oleg UT2VU, Valentin UX5IC, Sergey UT0VA, Roman UY6IM, Vladimir UR5VDA, Nickolay UT3RN, Vladimir UZ1RR, Valentina UR5RQX (YL) and many others.

Total QSOs: more than 44’000 QSOs during expeditions, 36 URFF references.


The WFF Fund and Green Annual Committee has summed up On-Line voting Planet Earth Expedition – 2011 in which have taken part more than 500 HAMs from more than 50 countries of the world.

The main award will be handed over (at the desire of many radio fans from Ukraine) to representatives EM44U Team on WFF GREEN FEST 2011 which will pass from August, 12 till August, 14th, 2011 by tradition in a nice place of the Bryansk region. We congratulate all winners online voting and first of all it is congratulated EM44U Team which last year has pleased many WFF hunters with the activity and continues in 2011.

WFF the Fund expresses gratitude to all HAMs who has taken part in voting. WFF Fund and Green Annual Committee.

EM44U URFF-070 (Boris UT7UT, Igor UR4UHE)EM44U Green Day 2010 (Boris UT7UT, Sergei UX2IF, Igor UR4UHE)US0VA, US5UV, UR7UT, UT7UT, UR2VA, UR7VA


EM44U, EM44U/P, EM44U/MM — QSL via UT7UT


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