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  • UT7UT — Home Call
  • UWØU — Contests
  • EOØU — DX-peditions, QSO’s since Sept. 2017
  • ENØU — Dynamo Kyiv, football club
  • EM2ØRRC — Russian Robinson Club-20, July 2013
  • EM2ØUARL — Ukrainian Amateur Radio League, UARL-20, Dec. 2011
  • EM44U — WWFF and URFF activities
  • EM11ØRAEM — Ernst Krenkel, RAEM-110, Dec. 2013
  • U5ARTEK/A — Gagarin-50, Apr. 2011 (ex U5ARTEK, U5A, UB5ARTEK)
  • UT1UWA — Club Station
  • UW33OF/P, UW37OF/P — URSC, June 2014
  • 3DAØUT, C91UT, C91UT/MM
  • 1K7AExperimental callsign for Marine DX-peditions



Please direct your QSL requests via UT7UT with the following route options

Direct QSL information
QSL requirements are 2 USD or IRC send your QSL to:
      Boris B. Samartsev, UT7UT
      2 Sholudenka Str., Apt. 62
      Kyiv 01135

  • Please also include a Self Addressed Envelope
  • Please reseal your envelope thoroughly
  • No coins please! No postage stamps accepted
  • Due to many SASE being under paid, will be sent via Bureau
  • Any remaining postage money is used to help fund the EM44U DX-pedition station

Bureau QSL information only for UT7UT and UWØU
I will send cards via the bureau one time per 6 months

For other callsigns QSL only via OQRS
Don’t send me QSLs via bureau, please!

Online QSL Request (OQRS) via Bureau
Send me an e-mail with QSO(s) details:

  • My callsign
  • Your callsign
  • Date…UTC…MHz…Mode…RST
  • Date…UTC…MHz…Mode…RST
  • Date…UTC…MHz…Mode…RST
  • Notes


LoTW (Logbook of The World)
LoTW upload will be done at the earliest opportunity

eQSL (eqsl.cc)
eQSL upload will be done at the earliest opportunity

Thanks for QSO(s). See You again!
73! de Boris UT7UT aka UWØU, ENØU, EOØU, EM44U etc

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