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IOTA DX-pedition EM5F-team to the Nova Zemlya island (UR), Fericirii island (YO), EU-191

We were on the island from 6 to 7 June, 2016. This 3rd DX-pedition to the EU-191 after YP0F, YP0H and 1st on the Ukrainian part of the island. We planned to be on the air from 6 to 10 June, but QRT because of big storm and generator crash. And for 14 hours we made about 2000 QSOs.



  • Island name: Fericirii Island (YO) and Nova Zemlya Island (UR)
  • Status: split sovereignty island, belongs to Romania and Ukraine. Uninhabited
  • IOTA: EU-191. Located in the Black Sea just outside the Danube Delta
  • WWFF: URFF-0006, Dunaiskyi Biosphere Reserve
  • WW-locator: KN45VF.



  • Nikolay Lavreka, UX0FF

    Other calls: EO25F, UR6F. Ex RB5FBB, UB5FDF, RB5FF, RY0F, RO0F, ER0F, EM0F
    Preferences: All modes
    DX-peditions: 4K5ZI Zmeinny Isl., EM5F EU-182

  • Boris Samartsev, UT7UT

    Other calls: UW0U
    Preferences: CW, Pile Ups
    DX-peditions: UT7UT/P, EM44U, EM5F EU-182, UU7J EU-180, C93DY AF-098 (new one)

  • Aleksandr Bulavskiy, UR5FAV

    Other calls: EM5F
    Preferences: CW
    DX-peditions: J42004FAV, UR5FAV/P EU-182, EM5F EU-182, SV9/EM5F EU-015, SV5/EM5F EU-001

  • Andrey Arzhint, UR5FLF

    Other calls: EN25FLF
    Preferences: BPSK, Feld hell, JT65, AM



Icom IC-746 PRO, Icom IC-746, Kenwood TS-2000 without PA. Software: TR4W + MixW3 in DIGI. Bands: all HF bands, 6 and 2 meters. Modes: СW, SSB and BPSK63


Video about our DX-pedition


Photos and story by UX0FF

Read the story with photos
Читать рассказ с фотографиями


See you again in the next DX-pedition! 73’s de EM5F Team

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