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ENØU is a call sign of the Football Club «Dynamo Kyiv» Headquarter Station

EN0U QSL card

QSL-card of EN0U.


Sergey Rebrov, UT5UDX

UT5UDX Serge Rebrov

Sergey Rebrov, UT5UDX is the Football Player and the head of the EN0U «Dynamo Kyiv» HQ station. Contest call sign: UT0U.

Other and ex call signs: M0SDX, MI0SDX, G1W, TA2ZF, 6Y3W, 8P9AM, 5B/UT0U, EM2012R, ER0WW, 6Y/UT5UDX, 4X/UT5UDX, EA7/UT5UDX, MW/UT5UDX, R4/UT5UDX, ER/UT5UDX, YO/UT5UDX, UT5UDX/EA5, 5B/UT5UDX, 5B4AMM, EM90UDK, P3X etc.

Sergey UT5UDX also will be active in the contests as EN0U (single op.). QSL via UT7UT.


EM90UDK — 90-th years of the Football Club «Dynamo Kyiv»

QRV: 05.05.2017 — 05.06.2017. OPs: Sergey UT5UDX and UR4UWA Team (QSL via UT7UJ).

See you again in the next time! 73’s!

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