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Jenni Jones, M0HZT
«I have been a licenced amateur since 2001, and have really enjoyed using the bands, HF and VHF. Previous to my amateur career, I listened to broadcast bands. I have just started to teach others, in our hobby, which i find very enjoyable. I am a chef by trade, and it is also my hobby, when I am not cooking up some delectable dish, I am on the radio, really enjoy talking to all of you. I am married to M0HWA — Merfyn.
I like contesting and also to have a rag chew I also use eQSL, and do QSL 100% either via the bureau or direct, or via eQSL…
I am a member of BYLARA (British young ladies amateur radio association), and we do accept yl’s from ALL countries I am now the QSL.
Hope to speak to you on the HF bands, and also VHF and to work you in the contest hi hi…
73’s and 33 ‘s to one and all. M0HZT — Jenni» [TNX info]

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