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Xenia Berger, ZL4YL.
«I did my license in August 2015 at the age of 14. My sister is ZL2GQ, my mom is ZL2YL and my dad is ZL3IO. We live up in the Waimarama Heights on the east coast of the central North Island in sunny Hawke’s Bay. At our place we also host the contest station ZM4T.
In July 2018 I particpated in the WRTC2018 in Germany as a member of the OC2 team. Our call was Y89N. It was great to put a face to so many top contesters we regualrly work and it was a great experience.
I’m trustee of the call sign ZL6YOTA. YOTA stands for «youth on the air» and ZL6YOTA is the club station of the «Young Transmitters» within the NZART, our national organisation.»
WEB: http://www.kiwi-dx-lodge.com

Laura C. Standley, K7LQT.
Technician: Aug. 31st 2012 (formally known as KF7YJL).
Vanity callsign: K7LQT received October 10, 2012.
General: June 1st, 2013 @ SEAPAC.
Extra: September 27th, 2014 @ Extra Class in Vancouver, WA.

Mariia Snopok, UR5RSM. Op: EO25RAN.

Lisa (Liz) Schramm, DL4LIZ. Ex: DO4LIZ.

Karen A Straessle, W5AVE.
«I am the better half of KE5WLR (Danny). Looking forward to visiting with you soon!»

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