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Anna Sadukova, RA4FVL

Champion in High Speed Telegraphy (HST)

Teodora Getsova, LZ2CWW

Born in 1993. I started with Amateur radio in 2005 in my family. I got my full license in 2007. Mostly interested in High Speed Telegraphy (HST) but also contesting /especially CW/. Part of Bulgarian National High Speed Telegraphy team since 2006. Since then I set six world records – four at Rufz xp and two at Morse Runner and more than 60 medals in international competitions. I have participated in YOTA /Youngsters on the Air/ in 2013 /ES/ and 2014 /OH/.

Summer McCormick, MI0YLT

My name is Summer,
I was 12 years old when I passed the UK foundation exam on the 13/04/13 at my first attempt. I had just turned 14 years old and passed the UK intermediate exam on the 09/12/14 at my first attempt. I then passed the UK advanced exam on the 06/05/16 at 15 years old! I am the youngest MI0 in N.Ireland and one of the youngest advanced licence holders in the UK!
My two younger sisters and Dad are licenced too. Grace 2I0GYL «Grace Young Lady» and my wee sister Savannah MI6PYL «Pretty Young Lady» my Dad is GI7PWQ who we call «Papa Waiting Quietly» has he doesn’t get near the radio!

Maria De Los Angeles Sequeira, LW1DYP.

Elena Boychenko, RC5A. Ex: RV3ACA

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