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EM5U since 1999 is a call sign of the Central Radio Club of Ukraine. CRC of Ukraine was found in January 01, 1967.

Other call sign: UT4UWR (since 1994). Ex call signs: EM5WFF (WFF, 2010-2011), EM5EME (EME QSOs, 2011), RT7U (1986-1999), UK5UCR (first call sign, 1980-1986).

EM5U Team is often active in the DX-peditions (URFF, UIA, URDA, SOTA programs), during HAM fests and other radio amateur events as EM5U/P.

Andrey Lyakin, UT2UB.

Andrey Lyakin, UT2UB is the head, QSL-manager and the most active operator of the EM5U club station.

EM5WFF is a special call sign of the CRC of Ukraine for WFF (now WWFF) program.

EM5U Team was often active during DX-peditions from the protected natural territories of Ukraine as EM5WFF.

EM5U QSL gallery.

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