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EM5UCC. 26th Conference of Ukrainian Contest Club (UCC).
May 13-14, 2017.
QSL via UT7UJ.

Near HQ UNGO UARL, Kyiv (UR4UWA Club Station).

UR4UWJ/P. Ukraine’s Independence Day.
QRV: August 24, 2016.

Water Museum - Kyiv

QTH: Water Information Center (Water Museum), Kyiv.

Origin history of Fericirii Island (YO), Nova Zemlya Island (UR).

This island is considered as the youngest land of Europe. Just couples decades ago the Black Sea has lapped on this place. Then, after several attempts for deepening the one of Danube Delta branches and intensive work by dredging machines, all dredged sand has moved to the sea. At three kilometers from the mainland this sand was been accumulated in foreland. And even there are no any activities of dredging machines, the island constantly increases by several hundred meters per year. For today his total length is about 7 km. There is still no name indication for island on Ukrainian topographic maps. Romanian authorities has managed to assign it the name Insula Fericirii (Island of Happiness), but Ukrainian name “Nova Zemlya” has appeared just after TV program about this island on TV channel “Inter”.

EU-191 introduction into RSGB IOTA Directory.

All the flavor of island is that one its part (with the length of about 1,4 km.) has occurred on Romanian territory and other part (with the length of more than 5 km.) has occurred on Ukrainian territory. Thus island has received its international status of “Sovereign Island”, partially belonging to Ukraine and Romania. This fact has allowed RSGB IOTA committee to introduce it into IOTA Directory under EU-191 number as the new insular territory. Although the closest island, referring to IOTA EU-182 group, is literally near by.


Our plans on EU-191 activation.

An idea to activate the new IOTA territory of EU-191 occurred in mid-2014, just after appearance of new island. (далее…)


EM5F. IOTA: EU-191, WWFF: URFF-0006, UIA: BS-030 (new one).
QTH: Nova Zemlya Island (UR) or Fericirii Island (YO).
QRV: June 6-10, 2016.

This 3rd DXpedition to the EU-191 after YP0F, YP0H and 1st on the Ukrainian part of the island.
We planned our expedition from the 6th to 10th June 2016, but QRT because of big storm and generator crash. And for 14 hours we made about 2000 QSOs. Very sorry!

EM9ØKPI is a Special Event station established to commemorate the 90th anniversary of establishment of the 1-st club station of Ukraine and ex USSR.

KPI is an abbreviation of the full name of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU «KPI»).

Operated by: Nikolay Sergienko, UX0UN (the head of the station); Boris Samartsev, UT7UT; Alexandr Kondratyuk, UX7UA; Vladimir Robenko, UR4UDI; Vlad July, UY2UA; Valeriy Butsan, UT9UZ: Andrey Lyakin, UT2UB and guest operators.

QTH: Kiev City.
Total: about 7000 QSOs (CW, SSB, DIGI).
QSL via UX0UN.

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