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Welcome to home page of the Ukrainian radio station!

My name is Boris Samartsev. The callsign of my radio station is UT7UT, also UWØU in contests. The station is located in the center of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. My favorite mode is CW. On the air since 1986.

I prefer is DXpeditions, DXs, Contests and Pile-Ups. I was in many DXCC countries and islands expeditions through the IOTA program. Currently, I’m fond of «green» expeditions (WWFF and WFF programs).

On the air I often use the clubs callsigns during DXpeditions and Contests (EM5F, EM5HQ, EOØU, EO5UFF etc.). I’m coordinator of the Special event stations EM2ØRRC, EM2ØUARL, EM11ØRAEM, U5ARTEK/A and team leader of EM44U, winner of international competition Planet Earth Expedition 2011.

I’m member of international clubs: UCWC#20, UDXC#616, EPC#11511, BSCC#250, WFF#99, RCWC#191, RRC#730 and many others. Ex-President of the Ukrainian Amateur Radio League, UARL.

Besides, I have been many times champion of Ukraine in High Speed Telegraphy and winner of international competitions in HF radio.

WW-locator for UT7UT: KO50GL, Zone ITU-29, Zone CQ-16, URDA KV-10.

LoTW, eQSL and QSL-manager: 3DAØUT, C91UT, C91UT/MM, EM44U, EM44U/P, EM44U/MM, EM2ØRRC, EM2ØRRC/A, EM2ØUARL, EM11ØRAEM, EM11ØRAEM/MM, ENØU, EOØU (starting in 09.2017), U5ARTEK/A (ex U5A, UB5ARTEK), UT1UWA, UT7UT, UT7UT/P, UT7UT/MM, UW33OF/P, UW37OF/P, UWØU, UWØU/P, xx/UT7UT.


Thanks to my friends who share my passion to the radio, technical support and for pleasant atmosphere of communication, expeditions and contests, and my XYL Anna UT4UTA for her love and patience!

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