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110th Anniversary of the birth of Ernst Teodorovich Krenkel (RAEM). December 1 — 31, 2013

December 24, 2013, is the celebration day of the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Ernst Krenkel, a legendary polar radio operator, the first President of the Federation of Radio Sport of the USSR and a Hero of the Soviet Union. To commemorate this event, the Amateur Radio Union of Russia intends to organize and carry out the RAEM Activity Days (from 00:00 UTC on December 1 to 23:59 UTC on December 31, 2013).

The following special event-stations will be on the air during the Activity Days:

HQ stations

  • RAEM (QSL via UA9OA) — in RAEM Contest 2013
  • R110RAEM (QSL via UA9OA) — Novosibirsk Region, Asiatic Russia


  • RA110RAEM (QSL via RA0R) — Irkutsk Region, Asiatic Russia
  • RB110RAEM (QSL via RW0UM) — Zabaykalskiy Territory, Asiatic Russia
  • RC110RAEM (QSL via UA0C) — Khabarovskiy Territory, Asiatic Russia
  • RD110RAEM (QSL via RA0AM) — Krasnoyarskiy Territory, Asiatic Russia
  • RG110RAEM (QSL via RG9A) — Chelyabinsk Region, Asiatic Russia
  • RJ110RAEM (QSL via RT2Y) — Bryansk Region, European Russia
  • RK110RAEM (QSL via RN1ON) — Arkhangelsk Region, European Russia
  • RL110RAEM (QSL via RK3AW) — Arkhangelsk Region, European Russia
  • RM110RAEM (QSL via R3GM) — Lipetsk Region, European Russia
  • RN110RAEM (QSL via RW0BG) — Krasnoyarskiy Territory, Asiatic Russia
  • RO110RAEM (QSL via R2TT) — Nizhny Novgorod Region, European Russia
  • RQ110RAEM (QSL via RM9I) — Tomsk Region, Asiatic Russia
  • RR110RAEM (QSL via UA9LP) — Tyumen Region, Asiatic Russia
  • RS110RAEM (QSL via R4AAS) — Volgograd Region, European Russia
  • RT110RAEM (QSL via UA6YW) — Adygeya Republic, European Russia
  • RU110RAEM (QSL via R9WXK) — Bashkortostan Republic, European Russia
  • RV110RAEM (QSL via RA3A) — Moscow City, European Russia
  • RW110RAEM (QSL via RT0Q) — Sakha Republic, Yakutia, Asiatic Russia
  • RX110RAEM (QSL via R4IT) — Samara Region, European Russia
  • RY110RAEM (QSL via R9XC) — Komi Republic, European Russia
  • RZ110RAEM (QSL via RZ1ZZ) — Murmansk Region, European Russia


  • EM110RAEM (QSL via UT7UT) — Kiev City and Kiev Region, Ukraine
  • EN110RAEM (QSL via UT5UIA) — Kiev Region, Ukraine
  • EO110RAEM (QSL via US5ID) — Donetsk Region, Ukraine


  • HF110RAEM (QSL via SP3GVX) — Slubice, Poland
  • SN110RAEM (QSL via SP9HTY) — Siemianowice Slaskie, Poland
  • SO110RAEM (QSL via SP2FAP) — Tolkmicko, Poland


  • UP110RAEM (QSL via RW6HS) — Kazakhstan


  • HA110RAEM (QSL via HA8MT) — Szeghalom, Hungary


  • LZ110RAEM (QSL via LZ3SM) — Doupnitsa, Bulgaria


  • HD2RAE (QSL via HD2A) — Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • OU1RAEM (QSL via DF5LW) — Randers, Denmark

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